Palacio de Villapanés, Seville

The Palacio de Villapanés is a gorgeous boutique hotel in an eighteenth-century palace in the heart of Seville, retaining many of its original architectural elements whilst simultaneously having a sleek, contemporary feel to it, and benefitting from a range of modern luxuries, such as free Wi-Fi, flatscreen TVs and a well-stocked mini bar in every room. The hotel is perfect for sightseers, located just a short walk from Seville’s many tourist attractions, such as the Cathedral and Metropol Para

Cambridge Distillery Introduces Three Seasons Gin

Cambridge Distillery has released a new gin, just in time for summer. Created with the express intention of being the primary ingredient in a martini, the Three Seasons uses the quintessential elements of an English garden to capture the changing of seasons in a complex and aromatic flavour. Created as a line of ‘world firsts’, and a product of the ‘Most Innovative Distillery in the World’ (a title that Cambridge Distillery has been awarded three times), The Collection encapsulates a series of

StAnza 2021: Poetry Thrives Remotely

Just over a year ago, if somebody had uttered the phrase “virtual poetry festival”, I probably would have laughed. But, sadly, a year into the pandemic, online-only events are just one element of what has slowly been becoming our new normal, and this year’s StAnza was just one of many events that have had to adapt to this new format in order to continue bringing us the events that we know and love. And adapt they did. StAnza has always been renowned for its approach, welcoming a diverse range o

Reading Dystopian Novels In Lockdown

Pre-pandemic, the majority of what I read could probably be found on a list telling you what to read on your next holiday, somewhere comfortably inbetween chick lit and the Waterstone’s “Best New Fiction” shelf. Unsurprisingly though, I found these books became steadily less and less appealing when I wasn’t lying somewhere sunny, or couldn’t tell myself that I could also drop everything on a whim and go backpacking (looking at you, Eat, Pray, Love). So, I turned to Margaret Atwood’s The Testamen

True Crime: Why We Love It And What To Watch

Whether it’s the odd late-night episode of Making a Murderer when nothing else seems appealing, you binge-watched The Serpent, or you counted down the days until The Ripper was released on Netflix last year, it seems that as a nation we’re all partial to a good crime documentary. But what about a true crime podcast? As someone who finds the psychology behind it all particularly fascinating, here are my top three: • None (2018- ) – If you are a true crime aficionado, chances are you’re familiar w

'The White Tiger': A Review

This Netflix adaptation of Aravind Adiga's novel has taken audiences by storm - but does it live up to the hype. Deputy Arts & Culture Editor Amelia Perry gives her verdict on The White Tiger It’s no secret that Hollywood producers love nothing more than a best-seller. A popular book comes with a guaranteed audience, who are all perfectly happy to shuffle into the cinema and stare blankly at the screen for the next hour or so. They might not enjoy the film, but even a dissatisfied audience is s

Then & wow: Lady Gaga

The women who look better now than ever... In 2009, the young singer is unrecognisable beneath a thick layer of orange foundation and agressive metallic eye-shadow. The pale brows lack definition, while her heavy fringe is hugely unflattering. Ten years on, a star has well and truly been born. She is a vision of glamour with ice-blonde curls, red lipstick and fuller brows which frame her face. The look is subtler, with a hint of blusher to emphasise her cheekbones.